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Holy Family Parish

This text  from the original letter of the CCA would best describe the organization. Please read along.
August 18, 2005

Dear Donors of Half A World Away,

Good Day! We are the Committee on Children’s Activities (CCA), youth servers of the Holy Family Parish. For almost a decade now, the group has been serving the parish through the children by showing them how special Jesus' Gospels are by way of hearing bass with them and teaching them during Sunday School. From this effort, we are able to inculcate the teachings of Christ to he kids in our commmunity and yield some dedicated youth to serve the church. We truly hope to continue this growth.

However, there are setbacks that slow us to fulfill what we have long been working on. In all sincerity, the group has already been exhausted of its funds. We are coming up with schemes to sustain our needs such as cake raffles, selling of native snacks, collecting 5 pesos from each member on weekends, to name a few. Yet this is not enough to finance the different activities and programs lined-up for the children and for our group. We also hold annual formation, retreats, and team building to maintain the spiritual and leadership capability of our members. This also needed financial back-up. For most of us who are still studying, we can not suffice to the fiscal needs of the group and the lack of financial help is burdensome. We love Christ, our church and its parishioners that is why we are doing this. That regardless of the exhaustion it is causing us, we are still here.

We are hoping we could have a Holiday party for the children come Christmas time. The kids we are teaching comes from the urban poor families and some of them do not even have much money to have a Christmas feast. Our aim is to make this holiday more special and memorable for them by creating a party just for them. Aside from this, CCA is working hand in hand with the Parish Youth Ministry (PYM) to construct a youth and children’s multi-purpose center where a shelf or two can be assembled for the children’s mini library. We believe that these kids must also have access to other mode of learning aside from their Sunday schooling.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our appeal. We are earnestly hoping to merit from your benevolence. May God bless you and your family always!
Yours truly,

Winnie M. Ong
CCA President
Holy Family Parish

Noted by:
Mirza Jill S. Mijares
PYM Coordinator

Approved by:
Fr. Bong T. Lopez
Parish Priest


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            The Franciscan Lay Associates Mission Endeavors, Inc. (FLAME) was formally established on June 26, 2000 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Lay Associates (FMMLA).  These young professional women came from different fields of discipline such as:  medicine, computer science/engineering, urban and rural community development, social work, management, political science and education.


            While undergoing formation as FMM Lay Associates for two (2) years, the group was also involved in apostolate work in their respective job, parishes, and at least once or twice a year common apostolate for the Lay Associate group.  These common apostolate were:  a medical mission and gift giving with the Mangyan in Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro;  integration and sharing of life with the Dumagats in Norzagaray, Bulacan;  monthly free clinic with the urban poor in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City;  Basic Ecclesial Community formation in Kaytitinga, Alfonso, Cavite through the CO-PRA approach; support and promote environmental protection and preservation specifically on the Franciscan ethics of SAPAT (ENOUGH); and, provide assistance or respond to other request of the FMM for apostolate endeavors.


            Request for apostolate services from as far as the Aetas in Zambales and another indigenous people of Agusan del Sur are pouring in the group which has very limited time, space and material and financial resources.  It was for the compassion of the needy – poor, deprived and exploited sector of our society specially those unreach by government and other private agencies that impelled these group to formally establish a foundation which would cater to a more wholistic approach to human development and not just simply one shot affair dole out support



1. BEC Formation Assistance (BECFA)- assistance in BEC Building in the Parishes or any form of cooperation initiatives of the poor communities.

2. Livelihood and Income Enhancement- facilitates funding of livelihood and other enterprise development projects to augment or increase their income.

3. Health Services- conducts medical/health mission, facilitates linkage of poor communities basic social needs to concerned agencies, provide assistance to specific projects and activites regarding health needs.

4. Education Assistance- provide scholarship to children of financially hard up families, conducts continuing capability building of poor community leaders and members to enhance their skills, knowledge and attitudes towards total human development and people empowerment.

5. Integrity of Creation-undertake, support and promote environmental undertakings in the preservation, conservation, protection and rehabilitaitoin of the environment.

Contact Information
President: Winnie Ong
Youth Ministry Coordinator: Cha Mijares
Address: c/o 2777 Faraday Street, Brgy. San Isidro,
1234 Makati City, Philippines
Tel. No: 844-53-72

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We, the FLAME envision total human development through empowerment of communities with the realization of the justice, peace and integrity of creation and recognition of the peoples' dignity as vital aspects in achieving full human potential to attain socio-culutral, moral, spirtual and economic upliftment and sustainability.
FLAME in collaboration with the urban poor, indigenous people, farmers and other marginalized sectors, provides opportunities for alternative education to promote spiritual formation, psycho-social support, environmental awareness, skills development and economic upliftment. Together, this partnership cultivates a dynamic relationship to enable families within the community to be self sufficient, to form support networks and create income-generating projects.
1. Provide opportunities for alternative education through spiritual formation, psycho-social support, skills development and environmental awareness.
2. Promote economic upliftment through family support networks and income-generating projects.
3. Cultivate a dynamic relationship to establish mutual trust between FLAME and urban poor, IP's, farmers and other marginalized sectors to ensure full cooperation within the community.
4. Facilitate income-generating projects in coordination with other NGO's, GOs, LGUs and funders to uplift their economic status.
5. Encourage self-sufficiency in the community through programs that aim to discover their potential human resources for sustainability.
6. Promote awareness on justice, peace and integrity of creation.
Address: unit 225 St. Anthony Building Aurora Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Person: Enna Ong